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Oral Sedation is a safe and convenient type of sedation dentistry that provides a relaxing, anti-anxiety effect that will make you feel more comfortable during your dental procedure. Oral sedation is a popular treatment option because the medication is delivered in pill form and no needles are involved.

Patients with mild to moderate anxiety usually prefer oral sedation as it is taken in advance of the dental procedure so they are relaxed and comfortable when arriving for the appointment. A local anesthesia is also administered to the area receiving treatment before the procedure begins.

Port Charlotte Dentist  Dr. Carol Stevens is Certified in Oral Sedation

Licensed and Certified by the State of Florida, Carol W. Stevens, D.D.S., M.B.A. offers oral sedation as an option for patients who have anxiety and want a stress-free dental experience. For patients with a higher level of anxiety Dr. Stevens is also certified in administering IV Sedation which allows for a completely comfortable and pain free experience during multiple dental procedures.

If you have questions about IV Sedation, Oral Sedation or Nitrous Oxide, please call our office as we would be happy to address your concerns. We want you to be informed about the different types of sedation we offer so you can be confident, comfortable and relaxed before your appointment.

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